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About Intelligence Process Cooperation Network

The Intelligence Process Cooperation Network is a global Social Network constituted of active or retired Executives of Companies and Organizations. The Members of the Network recognize the continuous Improvement of the Intelligence Status of Management & Executives as the primal need for progress. They also accept that Improvement of Intelligence Status in Businesses and Organizations must be a continuous internal Process.
We all face situations which are obviously harmful for the Organization, the Executives and the Owners. In many cases absurd and harmful situations are not coped with effectively due to weakness and avoidance. The fact that there is such intense “blindness”, especially in certain areas even within notable Enterprises – Organizations, is distressing. “Blindness” and absurdity seem to grow proportionally to the size of the Organization and the degree of authoritarianism and centralization of its structure.

The main areas of action

  • Implementation of  methods, tools and techniques that achieve Entrepreneurship diffusion within the Organization.
  • Creation of the appropriate environment and implementation of actions which lead to the continuous improvement of the Intelligence Status of Managers & Executives and to Outstanding Performance with Perspective.

Through our experience...

Which is transmuted by our Scope, our Vision and the IPC framework of Principles and Values, we create the appropriate environment for management of the necessary changes and implement simple and tested tools, methods and techniques that target the continuous improvement of the Businesses and Organizations’ Intelligence Status.

Through the high level of Intelligence the following are shaped

  • A positive climate within the Enterprise - Organization
  • A creative environment that leads to constant and substantial improvement
  • Executives’ and suppliers’ willingness to offer to the customer
  • Customers’ loyalty
 The IPC – Net Members, being experienced as Business and Organizations Executives, noted that what ultimately gives value to the process is its Intelligence Approach by those   called upon to apply it (Management & Executives). In other words, it is the way that these people perceive the necessity, rules, mode of application and post-development of the process. A high level of Intelligence in a group means high processes performances and quick adjustment to new circumstances.