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Members Introduction to The Network

IPC-Network Members

IPC-Net Network Members are those who wish to participate in the dissemination and application of everything that is defined in the IPC Mission, Scope and Vision, totally agree with its Principles and Values and have specific characteristics, skills and qualifications as they have been determined. What is, initially, required by a Member is its willing to investigate in practice the authentications related to the Intelligence Process and the difference between Intelligence and Logic, in order for him to detect the results in his daily life (trial period). Through time, when the pragmatic results will be profound, he should be able to convey experiences and act towards the direction of the Concept total development.

The Network Members participation in the Activities of Management, Promotion, Application and “Hospitality” is characterized as “Free Activity” and not as a job as usually described (timetables, payroll and other rights and obligations that may be defined by the labor law). The Network, through the Management, ought to cover the financial needs of its Members based on their contribution to the common effort.

Understanding the value of participation is the main motivation for the integration and action of the Network Members.

A Member’s working hours on activities that are described in the IPC - Net establishment Scope may be as many as each Member prefers. There is absolutely no obligation, regarding the Member’s working time, for the promotion of the IPC-Net Scope and Objectives.
The relationships among the Members and also the relationships with Suppliers and Companies & Organizations who receive the Network services are characterized by the relevant IPC Principles and Values.

When is a Network Member ready to provide Training and Support Applications?

There must exist clear indications that his or her Intelligence Structure has significantly transferred its activity from the area of Logic to the area of Intelligence; from the accepted, the certain and repetition to the search of the new, reliable and substantive, related mainly to relationships.  This should be evident through daily critical functions, in one’s working and social environment.

There must exist repeated incidents – cases where the Member obviously acts with his Intelligence. New, previously unknown, reliable and substantive information is made perceived with even greater easiness, in relation to the past, leading successfully the post-development of previous knowledge and experiences. The use of Logic should be restricted only when necessary. This fact can be clearly noticed by the Member his/herself as well as his cooperators. This situation creates euphoria, confidence with calmness, loss of stress and anxiety. All those indications are clear and lasting,
having as a result the notions of TIME, ABSENCE OF TIME, OBSERVATION, CONSCIOUSNESS, INTELLIGENCE PROCESS, INFORMATION RELATIVITY & TIMING etc, not to be just theories but evidential acquisition.