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Enterprises & Organizations

Our Vision

The comprehension of Intelligence Process and Intelligence evolution is a continuous internal operation in Companies and Organizations 
Logic should be used only in the areas where necessary. Companies and Organizations should not try in vain to plan the future based on logic, which means on data (knowledge and experience) from the past, but they should let Intelligence unfold.


How Intelligence Effects Processes

Occasionally, we note that the same process, the same tool, the same technique can acquire a completely different application speed, performance and value from company to company. What ultimately gives value to the process is the Intelligence approach to the process by those requested to implement it (Management and Executives). In other words, the performance depends on the way we perceive the need, the rules, how to apply and how to transform the process. High level of intelligence in the group means high yields of processes and quick adaptation of new data.
Furthermore, through the high level of intelligence, the following are formed:
a) a positive climate in the Company - Organization
b) a creative environment that leads to the continuous and substantial improvement
c) Executives and Suppliers’ willingness to offer
d) Customer loyalty

Logic and Blindnes

We face situations which are obviously harmful for the Organization, the Executives and the Owners. There are often weakness and tendency of avoidance to act effectively in tackling the absurd and harmful to all these issues. It is distressing the fact that there is so intense "blindness" in certain sectors, even in remarkable companies - organizations. The "Blindness" and the absurd seem to grow depending on the size of the Organization as well as the degree of autocratic and centralized structure.
These conditions exist because of the difficulty to discern the vast difference between intelligence and logic. This results in an incredible waste of resources. Through logic, every system reproduces itself and constantly expands, while becomes less and less effective compared to the resources consumed.
The comprehension of the Intelligence Process and involving in the Intelligence evolution as a systemic internal process in Businesses and Organizations, constitutes the way to transcendence the issues above, for the continuous improvement of action and the development with perspective.


For this purpose

We develop

a global network whose members are from administration and executives of business and other organizations. The IPC-Net Open Social Network exists in order for it to investigate and discover whatever is important and essential about the Intelligence Processes and most importantly, to act for the transference of these discoveries into the daily business practices.

We Define & Understand

the Intelligence Process as the combination of three situations, which are: a) Information Gathering & Management, b) Information Relativity, which means evaluation, combination, synthesis and selection of Information  as well as interpretation of Information and c) Information Timing, meaning the coordination and concurrence of Information, set-up of information, synchronicity (something that we call conjuncture or luck).

We explore

aspects of the Intelligence process that have to do with inspiration, insight and intuition, which are necessary mental situations for Transcendency in Businesses and Organizations. Also, we investigate how the time or absence of time, contribute to the inspiration, insight and intuition, and finally the development of Business Intelligence and Outstanding Performance.

We support

the application in practice, of those mentioned above, through daily business operations by integrating simple methods, tools and techniques, in combination with a suitable environment that effectively support the diffusion of entrepreneurship and lead to the Outstanding Performance

We ensure

those attitudes and behaviors that promote and create an environment which supports the acceptance and the constant development of new knowledge, concerning the development of intelligence. We limit the use of logic only in the areas where it is necessary.

We act

to shape a perception in Business Management and Organizations that recognizes as a key priority, the continuous improvement of Intelligence Status of the Management and the Executives and make it a process with plan, action and evaluation.