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Structure & Operation

Internal Operation

IPC-Network Members are those who wish to participate in the dissemination and application of everything defined in the IPC Mission and Vision, those who are in line with its Principles and Values and have specific characteristics, skills and qualifications as determined.
The Network Members participation in the Activities of Management, Promotion, Hospitality, Education and Application is a “Free Activity” and not a job as usually described (timetables, payroll and other rights and obligations that may be defined by the labor law). The Network through Management ought to cover the financial needs of its Members based on their contribution to the common effort.

Understanding the value of participation is the main motivation of the Network Members for integration and action. 

There is full transparency in the Network operation and financial management. The relationships between the Members and also the relationships with the Suppliers and Companies & Organizations that receive the Network services are characterized by the relative IPC Principles and Values. The Members’ integration or removal is carried out by a written decision of the Network  MANAGEMENT Team.
The choice of the countries for the IPC-Net activities development is made according to: a) the social and technological development rate, b) the development rate and c) the GDP. The Network expansion is gradual, based on priorities that are determined by these three criteria.


Network Members

Executive Members

They plan and supervise the Network regional development (in every country and centrally).

Promotion Members

They plan and implement the necessary actions for the Concept promotion by seeking and making the appropriate collaborations with Companies and Organizations.

Applications Members

They train the Management Teams and Executives of Companies & Organizations and apply methods, tools and techniques relative to the Concept incorporation.

Operation Support Members

They support the Network operation in the sector of Hospitality and also in administrative and organizational issues.

Network Partners

Suppliers – Partners

They provide services and products to the Network, critical for its services quality (training and applications). They are not Members of the Network. They contribute to the planning for the improvement and development of the Concept.


Companies and Executives of Businesses and Organizations and other individuals or social groups with similar Principles, beliefs and targets which may promote the Concept and support its dissemination.

Sponsors - Donors

Companies, Organizations and individuals who are sponsors supporting the IPC Mission and Vision.

Collaborating Companies & Organizations

Companies and Organizations to whom the Network provides Training, Applications and Hospitality services. The Network does not advise or supersede, it just collaborates. It offers and receives information in the fields of common interest, meaning those related to Intelligence development This is the reason why we think that the term CUSTOMER is not the most appropriate.