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Entrepreneurship Diffusion in Comp/s and Org/s

Processes, Projects and their significance in the Business operation and development

In the worldwide market are constantly being developed two basic “Building Materials” for Management and Business Organization,. At the same time, are being developed the related guidelines, techniques and tools for their effective use. . These two “Building Materials”, meaning the Processes and Projects, are becoming the main elements for the effective operation and development of Companies and Organizations Entrepreneurship diffusion at all levels of Executives in a Business – Organization can be implemented through the effective use of Processes and Projects.

Correspondence between Technical Constructions and the “building” of Companies and Organizations

As Iron (constructional steel) and Cement were the two basic Building Materials that brought revolution to construction many decades ago, in the same way Processes and Projects are the two main “Building Materials” that bring revolution in Management and Business Organization. There is a close relation between the way Consultant-Construction Companies manage their two basic Building Materials and the way Businesses and Organizations manage Processes and Projects. The way Consultant- Construction Companies plan and build a construction bears a remarkable resemblance to the way that Businesses and Organizations “build” their operation and development (see the following table).


Each Executive, depending on the level of hierarchy, gets acquainted with the use of those two basic Building Materials (Proecesses and Projects), mainly with the part of the rules, guidelines, techniques and tools (software) that he/she is related to, as it happens nowadays with the Executives of Consultant-Construction Companies..

Entrepreneurship Diffusion

The “maturity” of an Organization and its development perspective in the market is mainly defined by the tensity and the quality of the ENTREPRENEURSHIP that it” CONVEYS”.

The main elements – skills that define Entrepreneurship are:

1.    Recognizing opportunities and priorities
2.    Effective resource distribution for opportunity exploitation
3.    Perspective reassurance (short-term plans should not destroy the perspective)
4.    Frequent follow-up of the course development of actions and timely undertaking of corrective actions, when required

The prerequisites for Entrepreneurship Diffusion

There are certain prerequisites that contribute to Entrepreneurship diffusion in the Organization and make motto “ENTREPRENEURSHIP EVERYWHERE” to become an everyday practice in Business. These prerequisites are: 
1.    The first two (at least) levels of Executives should be capable to determine the Business – strategic objectives in relation to the cause – effect analysis (Balanced Scorecard & Strategy Maps), based on the directions of the Management Team
2.    The first three (at least) levels of Executives should be capable to combine the Business objectives with Processes and Projects, by setting the right priorities.
3.    All levels of Executives should be capable to manage Processes and Projects effectively.
4.    The performance management system and the evaluation system are closely connected with the effectiveness of the Process and Project management.

The importance of objectives determination through Strategy Maps among the different levels of the Organization

The use of Strategy Map as a tool, ables the Executives:
•    To recognize opportunities and priorities at all levels based on Management
•    To correctly direct and coordinate the Departments, Directorates, Operations and levels of Executives through the agreement and orientation of the objectives among various levels and operations
•    To lead to a Balanced Scorecard for the effective resource allocation and the rational opportunity exploitation with perspective.
The Map “obliges” the user to work effectively on the objective determination taking always into account the cause and effect relation and the perspective.


How we maximize performance through specific Processes, Methods and Tools

•    By delegating Processes & Projects to all levels of Executives and to as many Executives as possible
•    By connecting the Project Management Process with the Business Plans and the Business Objectives
•    By connecting the Business Performance Management System to the quantity and the quality of Project and Process Management

Procedures for Implementation and Relevant Tools
a) Project Management Procedure
b) Process Management Procedure
c) Business Planning Procedure
d) Performance Management Procedure



The prerequisites for the transition from Entrepreneurship Diffusion to Outstanding Performance with Perspective

The improvement of an Enterprise or Organization’s Intelligence, which means improvement of the Intelligence of its Management and Executives, is a prerequisite and more substantial objective than the implementation of processes, tools and techniques that improve organization.
Success and its lasting period do not depend on how fast or how properly you climb the ladder (techniques and experience). It mainly depends on which wall you choose to put the ladder on, each time.
The right wall can automatically be chosen when the Executives and Managers implement the appropriate framework of Principles and Values.
Outstanding Performance and Sustainability depend not so much on the quantitative dimension of time management, meaning where and how I distribute my time, but mainly on the qualitative dimension.
The qualitative dimension of time management refers mainly to the understanding of the effects of Time as well as of the effects of the Absence of Time on the perception of the new, previously unknown , reliable and substantive information that constitutes the basis for  the Intelligence Process and as a consequence for theMaterial Creation with perspective.