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Principles and Values

Outstanding Performance with Perspective

Our compliance with a framework of PRINCIPLES and VALUES is the precondition that leads to Latent Creation which means creation that comes from life attitude and not from Action. We know that by implementing the Critical IPC Procedures through specific PRINCIPLES and VALUES, we ensure the preconditions for the Network’s Intelligence development and Outstanding Performance with Perspective.

We have developed a properly structured framework of Principles and Values in which, besides the completeness related to our countenance, you can distinguish the priorities among its parts, the layers, the relationship between cause and effect and the interactions among the parts (see the figure that follows).
The effort to understand and implement a framework of PRINCIPLES and VALUES comes from the Awareness of their decisive contribution to the ΙPC’s course and development. We recognize that Principles and Values are Intelligence with Perspective and as a result they are secondarily and not always ethics.
Whenever we stray, as it normally happens sometimes, from our PRINCIPLES and VALUES, the Awareness of the loss of Perspective that they ensure, is what restores us. PRINCIPLES and VALUES act upon us and through the IPC Critical Processes as the basic element for self-regulation and retrieval to behaviors and actions with Perspective


  • Our main Principle, is LOVE for Creatiοn

    which forms a strong and, at the same time latent Intention (way of life) towards a destination - target with Perspective; that is of the continuous  attempt to perceive, define and effectively manage the unknown, reliable and essential, -meaning the continuous Intelligence evolution. For the word Love as a principle we use the term Love for Creation in order to distinguish the concept Love from that of the emotion of love.

  • Observation

    It means to see things without connecting them to our past,  especially to our experiences, emotions, our social acquaintances’ opinions etc. If we remove time, space, others’ opinions and judgment and our own stereotypes and emotions from a present experience or incident, then we can extract information that represents the essence of the present experience. Then it is possible to occur new, previously unknown, reliable and essential information.

  • Consciousness

    It is the result of “OBSERVATION” without the past. Through “CONSCIOUSNESS” we spontaneously interpret what we see based on information occurring from Principles and not based on the past or emotions. In other words, we see and interpret things in a different way that gives Perspective, by realizing that in order for the unknown and essential to occur, we should renounce our past, the “EGO-IDENTITY-SELF - TIME” diptych.

  • Respect of Being

    in a way that releases people’s dynamics and their will for Creativity and Transcendency by creating the circumstances for Intelligence development.

  • Respect of the Natural Enviroment

    and at the same time, effort for achieving the minimum possible energy footprint and for conducts that contribute to the reduction of the planet’s environmental burden.

  • Continuous Improvement

    We act for what is necessary through quality circles. We acknowledge that the slight inaccuracy (imperfection) and the systematic correction (continuous re-adjustment) is a more effective method than the method of high accuracy, since the second has a very high cost. All of nature operates in this specific way (ontogenetic evolution). “Biological clocks” in every organism operate with the logic of the slight inaccuracy and the systematic correction. The slight inaccuracy and the systematic correction constitute a rule for cost reduction not only of the learning process but also of the operation and production processes. They constitute the key for proper resource distribution.


  • Post - Competitive Viewpoint

    which leads to: a) the reduction of the resources wastage caused by extravagant and useless competition, b) the support and promotion of the creative, innovative and  new that fulfill real-essential needs, c) the reduction of fear, tension and stress in the workplace. The Principle of Love for Creation as well as the other Principles support the understanding of application of the specific Principle.

  • We create “Surplus”

    material, and mainly mental material, that constitute the basis, the guide for the material creation with perspective. We receive from the “Surplus” we create. Our relationships with the customers, the suppliers and between us are governed by the principles of “OFFER” and “MUTUAL BENEFIT” (win-win).

  • Trust

    We support the creation of an environment that promotes TRUST by recognizing its huge contribution to Collective Creation. Mainly the Principles of the Respect of Being and of the Natural Environment support the understanding of the implementation of the specific Principle.

  • We seek Simplicity and Austerity

    knowing that the simple, the plain, the austere can convey the essence of matters. Addendums to the complex should be gradual and implemented in “layers” and should serve the deeper understanding of the essence. The Principle of Continuous Improvement mainly along with thoso of Observation and Consciousness support the understanding of the implementation way of the above Principle.  

  • Adaptation to the customers requirements and special needs 

    with the support of suppliers without violating other basic Principles and Values and the respect of diversity support our effective operation in a multinational environment.
    The Values we adopt are based on the nature of our Activity and on our main Principles. The Skills – Qualities that we seek afterwards, come from the scope of the operation of every critical Process. The way these Skills – Qualities are implemented is based on the specific framework of Principles and Values. Therefore, there is a declared cause and effect relation among Principles, Values and Skills – Qualities (see the following figure).