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FAQ: General - Various

  • What is the IPC-Net?

    It is an Open social Network constituted of active or retired Executives of Companies and Organizations.. The Network promotes the distinction between Logic and Intelligence and attempts Intelligence emergence through Intelligence Process comprehension.

  • The IPC-Net scope

    • The constant improvement of the ability to distinguish the difference between Logic and Intelligence in daily practice. It contributes to limiting the use of Logic only in cases when necessary and to the constant Intelligence emergence.
    • The support of the Entrepreneurship Diffusion in Companies and Organizations
    • The support of the Intelligence status improvement in Companies and Organizations
  • What are the wiki P&PMN?

    It is an open use cloud software which constantly develops and supports the Entrepreneurship Diffusion by providing free e-Management, e-Learning, e-Consulting and e-Auditing services to certain and specialized Processes and Projects of determined business operations in various fields.

  • What does IPC-Net provide?

    • Training concerning the distinction between Logic and Intelligence through critical business operations such as: Meetings, Management, Recruitment, Performance Management, Strategy and Business Planning, Research and Development, Sales, Customers and Suppliers Management etc.  
    • Support of applications in Businesses and Organizations related to Entrepreneurship Diffusion and of the constant Intelligence Status improvement
    • The Know-how in applying  methods, tools and techniques and relevant tools concerning the Entrepreneurship Diffusion.
    • Books and notes about the distinction between Logic and Intelligence.
    • Free software through internet (wiki P&PNM) and relevant tools that support the Entrepreneurship Diffusion. The software and relevant tools are related to the Management of critical Processes and Projects specialized in various business operations (software in development).