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Our Vision

Development of Intelligent Process and its establishment as a constant, internal operation in businesses and Organizations that are involved in the protection of the Environment and environmental sustainability.

The scope of the «ENVIRONMENT» activity

The scope of the «ENVIRONMENT» activity is to unveil the unbound range of Intelligence as well as its factual precipitation in Organizations and Enterprises in the fields of environmental works, services and technologies, alleviating the restricting facts of Logic. The IPC-Net approach is based on the understanding, from the Enterprise part that “OBSERVATION” and “CONSIOUSNESS” leads to action with Intelligence. Unlike classical theories of management, which exclusively or mainly use logic in order to define and plan ways and strategies for intervention.

Approach through Intelligence

Approach through Intelligence unarguably leads to better results in the end, but mainly, makes the journey towards achieving goals a lot more pleasurable. What ultimately gives value is the understanding and proper managing of Intelligent Process by Management and Executives. We, first the members of the network, learn about the action, through the above-mentioned approach and, consequently convey this experienced knowledge to the organizations with which we collaborate.

For this purpose

We develop

a worldwide Network whose members are the Administrations and Executives in Organizations and Enterprises in the fields of environmental works, services and technologies. The IPC-Net Open Social Network exists in order to investigate and discover whatever is important and essential about the Intelligence Processes and most importantly, to act for the transference of these discoveries into the daily business practices.

We Define & Understand

the Intelligence Process as the combination of three situations, which are: a) Information Gathering & Management, b) Information Relativity, which means evaluating and choosing Information as well as interpreting Information and c) Information Timing, meaning the coordination and concurrence of Information, set-up of information, synchronicity (something that we call conjuncture or luck).

We Investigate

Insight and Intuition, mental conditions needed for the Transcendence in the area of Governmental and non Governmental Organizations. In addition, we investigate as to how Time, or the absence of Time, contributes to Inspiration, Intuition and Insight (Distinction) and, conclusively to the manifestation.

We support

the transference of our Mission in practice through the daily Business and Organization’s activities which are relative to the “Environment” Activity, by amplifying the Entrepreneurship Diffusion and the Outstanding Performance.

We ensure

the appropriate conditions, contributing in the creation of an appropriate environment which supports the acceptance of the new knowledge, participates in the Intelligence growth and limits Logic only in the areas which is necessary.

We act

for the development of a perception on Health Business and Organization Management which recognizes the continuous Intelligence Status Improvement of the Management and Executives as a basic priority and makes it a process with plan, action and evaluation.