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FAQ: Time, Intelligence Process & Outstanding Performance

  • What Logic is ?

    Logic consists of knowledge and experience. Logic is related to time, past, repetition and memory.

  • What Intelligence is ?

    Intelligence is a tendency, a constant “operation” for the determination of the “whole” information as a whole and of the relation among information and events. It concerns an area of knowledge (cognitive area) and each area of knowledge in general.

  • Defining the Intelligence Process

    1. Information: Gathering, organizing, “storing”, invoking and using Information 
    2. Relativity: Evaluation and Choice, correlation of Information - Way of Interpreting Information. As a result, a set of information acquires meaning and perspective so it can support the inducement or the cause of an event or of a sequence of events that will lead to a change of energy and matter or, more simply, will create something perceived by senses.
    3. Timing: “Arrival”, Coordination and Concurrence of Information - Conjuncture – Luck – Set-up of Information – Synchronicity. As a result, because of the arrival, coordination, concurrence and sequence of information, an event or a sequence of events become real and are placed in space and time as a change in matter and energy or, in other words, as a creation perceived by senses.


    Through the Intelligence Process we collect and manage information that comes to us, which may concern our relationships with the environment, nature, people around us, with our self. Through the Intelligence Process we perceive the world and we face situations, problems, we create opportunities, we discover the new. The quality of our Intelligence Process determines the quality of our life.

  • What are Principles ?

    Principles are some data, some information, which remain constant and unchanged through time. They dynamically contribute to the proper Intelligence Process and, as a result, to Material Creation with quality and perspective, which is the creation perceived by senses.   .
    The Principles determine the development and perspective of the events. This means that they affect matter and energy, in space and time, but not vice versa. 

  • What is Absence of Time – Timeless ?

    It is information that remains constant and unchanged trough time. This information determines whatever related to matter, energy, space and time without being affected by time.

  • What are Values - Rules - Axioms ?

    They are some data, some information and notions which can contribute to the constancy and development of events with perspective, under certain circumstances. Those circumstances concern their compliance with Principles.

  • What is the Latent (without action) Creation?

    It is the creation that doesn’t come from knowledge and experiences. It is that creation that comes from something substantial (information) nonexistent or unknown to us before. It is the result of perceptions and behaviors that lead us to the ability to understand and cope with things and situations in ways that are new, in ways that lead to transcendence. It is a procedure of perceptions and behaviors compliance with the Principles, which is unconscious for most people.
    Latent, or without action creation, can be intensified through a constant comprehension process regarding the effect of life attitude and behaviors on the quality of the Intelligence Process and consequently on the quality of action, when all the above follow the Principles.

  • How does Time affect the Intelligence Process ?

    Time develops knowledge and experiences. Therefore, it is responsible for the development of Logic. Time is also related to emotions and their development in any point of view (personal, social, ontogenetic evolution/chromosomal).

  • How does Absence of Time affect the Intelligence Process ?

    Information that is constant and unchangeable through time (Principles) is what supports the development of Intelligence. The intelligence gaps of the existent knowledge, and following their transcendence, and consequently the transcendence of the problems and the effective management of situations and opportunities, is basically the transcendence of Logic. The transcendence of Logic occurs through the determination of the intelligence gaps. The comprehension of information arising from the principles and the Incorporation-correlation between them determines the intensity and the quality of what we call Latent Creation, Creation without Action. 
    The gaps in a field of knowledge and in general come from the comprehension of information concerning Principles (information related to the absence of time). They occur through the combination of constant and unchangeable information with knowledge, experiences and events.