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Time, Intelligence Process & Outstanding Performance


Logic: Knowledge and experiences from the past. A problem appears when knowledge and experiences are not sufficient.

Intelligence: A process of mind that results to the new – unknown until that moment - substantial information; the information that leads to transcendence with perspective. Intelligence is related to what we call inspiration, insight, foresight.

Intelligence evolution is strictly related to the ability to perceive the new, unknown and substantial information. When we are referred to that, previously unknown,  information, it is important to clarify that it does not concern a fixed information related to one or another fact. It is a constant flow in progress that produces information related to events, to the transcendence of problems or to the discovery of the new and substantial. This flow of information, which we will examine later on, is related to the Intelligence Process and to our Intelligence Evolution. It is not knowledge and experiences that resolve problems or effectively manage opportunities. The problem appears because knowledge and experience are not sufficient. If our knowledge and experiences were sufficient enough to resolve the problem, then it wouldn’t exist. The new unknown and substantial information that leads us to problem solving or to the effective management of a situation does not occur from our knowledge and experiences but from another perception, through a life attitude. This perception is not related to learning (knowledge and experiences). It is something beyond all that, it is a spontaneous life attitude and it constitutes the most essential factor for our Intelligence evolution.

The comprehension of the Intelligence Process means a spontaneous ability to distinguish the limits of Logic, its limited capabilities and the conditions that make the new, unknown and substantial information perceivable in our life.

The basics for our Intelligence Evolution in Practice

The perception of the effect that the basic Principles have –individually, combined and simultaneously, of all of the Principles– on facts and situations is absolutely related to cognitive evolution, to the continuous improvement of the quality of action, inspiration, creativity; it is related with the way we discover the new and substantial. By uniting, combining and correlating information that derive from the perception of the relation of the Principles to facts and situations, the new and substantial occurs, the quality of the action is improving, discoveries and inventions are made. 
What in many cases blinds all human beings and indeed largely with vast consequences, is habit, tradition and emotion, in other words, much of prior knowledge and experiences.
The two following figures illustrate in a simple way: 

  • Τhe conditions for Intelligence Evolution and 
  • Τhe reasons for mind disorganization

Anyone can easily realize the reliability of the theories: 

1. All major discoveries over the centuries – with their enormous contribution to our Intelligence Evolution - are related to the conscious or even the unconscious perception of the relation of Principles to events (first figure). 

2. Furthermore, those who will personally investigate whether the two above figures are valid concerning events, situations and developments – in practice – they will constantly discover that both are absolutely related to reality.     

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The New, Unknown and Essential Information is the ultimate guide.

Through lifetime, new, unknown and essential information appears without the participation of the senses and emotions (inconscient) and without the participation of previous knowledge and experiences (unconsciously, which means, without knowledge and experiences that constitute conscience).

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Basic Principles and Daily Life.

What is usual and quite reasonable in working relationships is for the employer and the Administration to primarily aim at maximizing the efficiency. In particular, they seek to reap the maximum benefit of their relationship with the employees. What is more, the employee from his side seeks to protect himself –as a person and collectively– from what he calls exploitation without limits.

Through this way of understanding an intensely emotional relationship is developed. The main emotions that the employer and the administration attempt to impose – openly or covertly – in the working environment are those of power and imposition. On the other hand, the employee perceives facts and situations, mainly through fear, insecurity, trying to hide, to repeat properly, always according to the instructions, not to suffer any consequences and other similar effects. 

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The Primary Basis of Thought

The basis of thought that does not differentiate the fields of evolution – the ones perceived as conceptual fields – and functions effectively and reliably within every field of evolution, connecting them together, offers an increased ability of perception and action  of quality and perspective. We obviously, unconsciously, use various individual basis of thought for practical reasons or even problematic thoughts emotionally. However if the primary basis of thought is reliable, all  individual thoughts are evaluated very simply and easily . This is actually the reason why we are writing the series of books and work on the development of the IPC-Net. Network. Concerning the evaluation of the primary basis of thought we are suggesting – which constitutes a simple and easy way, common to any conceptual field, to reliably evaluate the events. – by mentioning examples connected to our lives and daily actions, we frequently point out that its credibility may be determined only by testing it in practice. 

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What Values and Principles are

Principles are the constant unchanged by time information. It is information that defines the alterations in matter and energy in what we perceive as time and space. For instance, the speed of light is constant and unchanged information and is not affected by space and time, matter or energy. On contraire, it is what alters the facts concerning what we perceive as space and as time; it also alters the facts of matter and energy, without their being able to affect the specific information.

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Our Intelligence Evolution in Practice

Our Intelligence evolution in practice and through each of our activities–at work, at our free time and interpersonal relations- is achieved since we start observing and comprehending the effects that the two factors below have in aspects of our everyday life: 

  • The first factor is related to the emotion and also with what we call Identity/Personality, which, besides, includes the emotion.  
  • The second factor is related to the Principles’ comprehension; to wit, the modes with which they act upon facts and circumstances and support the continuous improvement of the activity’s quality.   

The Intelligence alteration occurs whether we deal with it or not. It happens in a manner similar to respiration, the cardiac action, and all other biological activities.

 If we do not deal with the significance of Intelligence Process in our daily life, in practice and not in theory, we are unable to understand the time and the way this alteration becomes cognitive constitution, neither the time and the reason it becomes Mental distraction, disorder, multiplication of errors and problematic issues; we do not understand how the new, unknown and  essential information, that supports the disregard of the problematic issues, and the effective opportunities management comes about in our life,  neither what prevents its being perceived.  

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Intelligence Evolution and Education.

To whom they Run Education, plan its development and serve it by teaching in every level and manner.

Intelligence Development and the Needs for Changes in Educational Process

Intelligence Development is consisted of three individual functions:

  1. Information: Collection, arrangement, recall and use of uncut Information from memory or the means of information storage e.g. books, magnetic means (CD, DVD, hard disks), internet.
  2. Relativity: Ways of Interpreting Information; evaluation and Information Selection; Interpretations from information combination.  An information series obtains meaning and such a perspective that information can support the production of new, previously unknown, and reliable information as well as the challenge or justification of an event or a sequence of events.  Events and situations –developments in general- are related to energy and matter alterations, to a creation that is impossible to be perceived through senses.     
  3. Timing: Arrival, Modulation and Synchronicity of new, previously unknown Information. Pattern, Information Contemporaneity. Some call it Coincidence and Luck and it has as a result the appearance of an event or a sequence of events that cannot be justified. That means that the events are placed in space and time as energy and matter alteration, as creation that can be perceived through senses, without our being able to understand how and why; something mysterious incurs that may be desirable, undesirable or neutral, a development that we usually ascribe it to luck, coincidence.   

The entire above individual functions takes place simultaneously. 

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The Real Revolution

Those that exist and continue to exist in spite of our will –in spite of our desire that we call logic– appear and are maintained by real causes. For example, in nature –for facts concerning the biological field and natural phenomena– those that exist and continue to exist are not related to our desire that we call logic. The same applies in the social field; a large number of people understand the need to have different situations and manage actions, so that they continue to exist, contrary to the view of others as to how purposeful and useful their existence is.
Consequently, every reaction of ours, whatever it may be, will not eliminate anything that exists. Political and economic systems, religions, various approaches and traditions, living beings, natural disasters, various facts and situations that we consider unreasonable and undesirable, because we do not like them, they have real reasons to exist. Everything coming from the past, still operating today, fulfills needs having factual reasons to exist, regardless of our desire that we call logic.

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