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FAQ: Entrepreneurship diffusion

  • What is Entrepreneurship?

    1. Recognizing opportunities and priorities
    2. Effective resource distribution for opportunity exploitation
    3. Perspective reassurance  Systematic monitoring of actions development and timely undertaking of corrective actions, when required
  • The two basic “Building Materials” for Entrepreneurship Diffusion

    The two basic “Building Materials” for Entrepreneurship Diffusion and effective Management are the Processes and Projects. These constitute the basic elements for effective operation and development of Companies and Organizations.

  • The basic Procedures and relevant Tools for Entrepreneurship Diffusion

    a) Project Management Procedure 
    b) Process Management Procedure 
    c) Business Planning Procedure
    d) Performance Management Procedure

  • The prerequisites for Entrepreneurship Diffusion

    1. The first two (at least) levels of Executives should be capable to determine the business – strategic objectives in relation to the cause – effect analysis (Balanced Scorecard & Strategy Maps), based on the directions of the Management Team.
    2. The first three (at least) levels of Executives should be capable to combine the business objectives with Processes and Projects, by setting the right priorities.
    3. All levels of Executives should be capable to manage Processes and Projects effectively.
    4. The performance management system and the evaluation system are closely connected with the effectiveness of Process and Project management.
  • From Entrepreneurship Diffusion to Outstanding Performance

    1. We comprehend the Intelligence Process. We comprehend the way that Time affects our Intelligence Process. We also comprehend what Absence of Time means and how it affects our Intelligence Process. 

    2. We comprehend the difference between Intelligence and Logic through critical operations of the Business such as: Meetings, Management, Recruitment, Performance Management, Strategy and Business Planning, Research and Development, Sales, Customers and Suppliers Management etc.

    3. We comprehend that the improvement of a Company – Organization Intelligence, which means the improvement of the Intelligence of Leadership and Executives, is a prerequisite and more essential objective than the processes, tools and techniques application that improve the organization. We render the improvement of an Organization’s Intelligence Status as a constant internal process with application plan and results evaluation.