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Our Vision

The development of Intelligence in Governmental and non Governmental Organizations for the improvement of Administration and efficient Management of substantial Changes that serve Goals and Prospect Objectives with Transparency. The limitation of reasoning (of knowledge and experience) only to the required operational activities.

Scope:About the activity of the “Govermental organization”

Mainly, the Public Service has the tendency to avoid Changes, to be alienated from management innovation, to not realize its main role, which is to serve the citizen, to not adapt to changes from the outside world that reduce operational costs and enhance the quality of the provided services. In addition, it has the tendency to aimlessly expand its size and cater to its own behalf, mainly in collaboration with the politicians and the enterprises and Organizations which are financed by the Public Service (for example the Media, Constructing companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Consultants, Energy companies, Education, Communications etc.) wasting taxpayers money and money that the nations borrow, charging the citizens and mortgaging their future and that of their children, without ever asking them.

Scope:About the activity of the "Non Govermental Organizations"

The main realization is that a number of non-governmental organizations and national organizations are disorientated, forgetting about simplicity and thrift in their internal operation and, finally, they mostly serve their configuration rather than the mission and purpose for which they were founded. They become a refuge for bureaucrats rather than people who act with Intelligence and Perspective. They mainly serve stabilities, and secondarily, or consequently, the Vision, the Mission and the Scope of their Founding.
Another status observed in certain non Governmental Organizations has to do with intense activists’ action that is to say with an intense effort for Division rather than Configuration. It has to do with a tendency that leads to concepts and ideologies that are related to the ultimate good and the ultimate evil. That is to say with concepts that are constantly and for centuries being proved as fictitious in the “TIME – SPACE – EGO”.


The “Heart”, (the Core) the “Basis” for the strategy, the design and the materialization of Actions concerning the Activities of the non Governmental Organizations for the practice of Social Politics and relevant actions, is the support of these Organizations in apprehending, in a practical manner and not in theory, how and why “OBSERVATION” and “CONSIOUSNESS”, concerning matters of Social Action, result to action with Intelligence. In which way and for what reason this action finally brings about more advantages than disadvantages in relation to conventional theories, which strictly or mainly use logic, to design and plan actions and to act in solving problems or achieving improvements. 

We are not trying to change matters by “revolutionary” methods or by activism but to point towards an intelligent way of approach.

We first learn about the action, through the above-mentioned approach and, consequently convey this experienced knowledge to the organizations with which we collaborate.

We acknowledge the fact that this approach is maybe, in many cases, more time consuming than activism, but we consider it to be, in the long run, a lot more effective and healthy..

We develop

a worldwide Network whose Members are the Administrations and Executives of Governmental and non Governmental Organizations.The open Social Network IPC-Net exists to investigate, to discover anything important concerning the Intelligence Processes and mainly, to act and see to, the application of these discoveries on a daily basis.

We Define & Understand

the Intelligence Process as the combination of three situations, which are: 
a) Information Gathering & Management, 
b) Information Relativity, which means evaluation, combination and selection of Information  as well as interpretation of Information 
c) Information Timing, meaning the coordination and concurrence of Information, set-up of information, synchronicity (something that we call conjuncture or luck).

We investigate

evidence of the Intelligence Processes that have to do with Inspiration, Insight and Intuition, mental conditions needed for the Transcendence in the area of Governmental and non Governmental Organizations. In addition, we investigate as to how Time, or the absence of Time, contributes to Inspiration, Intuition and Insight and, conclusively to the manifestation (unfolding) of Intelligence and Distinguished Performance.


We support

the conveyance of our mission to action through everyday activities of Governmental and non Governmental Organizations, cooperating for the Diffusion of Entrepreneurship and the Outstanding Performance 

We ensure

the manner of promotion of those concepts and actions that create the appropriate environment and promote the acceptance and constant evolution of knowledge concerning the development of Intelligence. We limit the use of logic only to where it is required.

We act

for the formation of a concept in the Management of Governmental and non Governmental Organizations that acknowledges as basic priority the constant enhancement of the Intelligence Status of the Management and Executives and establishes a process with plan, action and evaluation.