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Hospitality Project

Projects Scope

We shape the appropriate environment for the planning and the acceptance of important changes for the intake of essential knowledge about Inspiration, Insight, Intuition and Latent (without action) Creation that lead to substantial Transcendency.

Hospitality Project Description

The acquisition of substantial knowledge requires calmness, detachment from everyday life and the creation of a situation that is completely different from the usual. A situation which can take us out of the established and improve the “Observation with depth and essence”.

We propose to organize and live together, Activities that form the appropriate environment which:

  • a) Supports situations relevant to the Planning of radical Changes with Quality and Perspective.
  • b) Gives the best perspective to acquire the essential knowledge for Managing substantial Changes, the knowledge that is relevant to Transcendency and Outstanding Performance.



Choose Activities which can take you into a situation completely different from the one you usually live, in a situation that gives the chance for “SELF” reorganization

The three areas of knowledge

The three areas of knowledge that we refer to are:

  • Entrepreneurship Diffusion in Businesses and Organizations Learn More
  • The effect of Time to the Intelligence Process and to Outstanding Performance Learn More
  • The improvement of Businesses and Organizations’ Intelligence Status as a continuous internal Process. Learn More

These three areas compose an important – determinant journey of experiences which we invite you to make it together.
This journey can become more effective when it is connected to Places of Powerful and Positive Influence.


Places of Powerful and Positive Influence

Places for which has been historically proven that they have had a positive influence on the human Intelligence for long periods and that they have contributed to Transcendency in fields such as science, philosophy, sociology, art etc. Places of great natural beauty and peacefulness such as the sea, islands, mountains, forests, lakes, rivers etc.


Visit with us some of these places to celebrate important events and achievements of your Company or to support a new important beginning.







We can become your collaborators who will provide for the success of such a visit. Our long experience as Executives in large Greek and International Companies and Organizations, in combination with the knowledge of the Greek area and the very good knowledge of Quality Management, Processes, document the success of such a visit.
Management and Executives deserve making a trip to some of those Places of Powerful and Positive Influence. A trip that will be a reward for your, until now, efforts. A trip that will support and amplify your further attempts.


The results of your visit

During your trip you will stay at one of those Places of Powerful and Positive Influence, where due to the natural environment and the appropriate program you will have an opportunity:

  • To pass important messages about the further course of your Business.
  • To shape the basis for the Planning of Important Changes.
  • To provide knowledge to your main Executives on a Concept that has been already put in practice, that diffuses Entrepreneurship in a practical way in all levels of the Company
  • To provide knowledge to your main Executives, on time management and on the relation of time with the Intelligence Process and the Outstanding Performance. Not so much concerning the quantitative dimension of time management, i.e. where and how I allocate my time, but mainly concerning its qualitative dimension. In other words, it highlights under what circumstances time leads the Intelligence Process to results related to Outstanding Performance and Sustainability


Training or open discussions in small groups are carried out through examples of the concept application in other Enterprises or with training material which includes cases from your own Company.

In case the training results to an interest for the application in practice, there is an opportunity to continue our cooperation either on the location of your Company or remotely (online).

The training activities can also be implemented in places of powerful and positive influence in the country of your Business or Organization or in any other appropriate place you request.

Moreover, representing services can be provided in case you are interested to operate in the Greek and Balkan markets.


Our cooperation

If you desire to make a short visit to Greece based on what you have read above, with your cooperation we undertake:

  • To choose the right place for your stay from a number of Places of Powerful and Positive Influence in our country.
  • To make a program for your stay and training.
  • To carry out the training in the subjects mentioned before.
  • To support the training application after your departure by visiting your Company or remotely (online).

We believe that your choice will lead you to an unforgettable journey which can also become a milestone for the further course of your Company.

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