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Intelligence Process

The majority considers that Intelligence is a process that takes place inside the human brain. There are few who have realized the obvious fact that we and our brain are the result of the Intelligence Process. There are few who have understood that the Intelligence Process is a situation, an act of connecting the Self with the Whole.

In the first part of the book, there is a presentation of the Intelligence Process from the time it "began" until today. There is also a consideration about the way that information and Intelligence affect energy and matter.

This presentation shows the relation of the information that remains unchanged through time (Principles) with matter and energy, and as a result, the relation of the Absence of Time with the Intelligence Process.

The book will be available soon

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  • The minimum price for the purchase of the book in electronic format is € 5.
    The income from the books, from the provided training, the application on businesses and organizations as well as from donations and sponsorships are used for the development of the network of IPC-Net all over the world.
    The members of the network support the distinction of the difference of Intelligence and Logic and contribute to the understanding of the limits of Logic. The understanding of this enormous difference in everyday action, allows Intelligence to emerge.