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Truth & Beauty

Truth and Beauty has no relation with philosophy or religion. It has no relation with poetry, romanticism or utopia. 

Truth and Beauty are incredibly useful and beneficial in our daily life and they both have an “absolute  relation”  with Creation.  We use the words “incredibly useful and beneficial” and “absolute relation with Creation”, which means that Truth and Beauty have and absolute relation with creativity in every aspect of our life.  

Have you ever wondered how that happens? Let’s see it.

Through Truth and Beauty we can clearly see right in front of us, the present, and at the same time we can see further and further beyond. This means that Truth and Beauty have absolute relation with Intelligence and perspective, with the perspective that Intelligence brings in our life. This perspective is a result of clear sight, of noetic clarity, of intuitive distinction of the true. It is a result of everything that has to do with Intelligence that supports the creation with perspective.

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  • The minimum price for the purchase of the book in electronic format is € 5.
    The income from the books, from the provided training, the application on businesses and organizations as well as from donations and sponsorships are used for the development of the network of IPC-Net all over the world.
    The members of the network support the distinction of the difference of Intelligence and Logic and contribute to the understanding of the limits of Logic. The understanding of this enormous difference in everyday action, allows Intelligence to emerge.